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3 types of packaging

To many consumers butter cookies must be served in a cookie tin. However, through the years the ability to supply different packaging formats to target different price points or cater to various consumption occasions has been an even more important parameter in satisfying consumer demands and growing business.

As a birthday present, holiday gift, company gift or for Golden Moments with the family, the cookie tin is the classic packaging for butter cookies.

In addition to giving the cookies the longest possible shelf life, the cookie tin has additional functional and decorative traits that have made it a collector's item also sold at auctions around the world.

As a casual gift packaging or for everyday consumption the box is an alternative to the traditional cookie tin. The box functions well on a coffee table or a gift table. In comparison with the cookie tin, the box is a less expensive packaging solution with the same possibilities for design with your own brand and messages

Designed to meet the demands of limited retail shelf space and convenience / food on-the-go for the consumer the foil packaging meets the demands of modern consumers for handy convenience packaging.

This packaging format also aids in targeting lower price points making it suitable to stimulate impulse buying behavior in the store.


Make It Your Own Brand
You can develop your own brand using any of the packaging types. Try the’Make It  Your Own Brand’ development process here.

If you are interested in learning more about packaging options please find your contact here.

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